Interview with Jyotsna Rai ,21 rank UP PCS J 2018


Congratulations on your success in the UP-judiciary exam! please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Jyotsna Rai. I have done law hons from Lucknow university in 2017. I belong to district Mau.

What made you choose judiciary as a career option?

My father is in prosecution department he used to tell me that pcs j is very easy exam he said that since I am a very sincere student I can easily crack this exam and secondly i used to watch doordarshan daily soap “jo kahunga sach kahunga “and was quite impressed by ujjawala rawats character and the way she used to help people in getting justice…so, I chose law as my career and now i m part of this noble profession Judiciary.

What’s the pattern of the up judicial service examination?

UP PCS J has 3 rounds – Preliminary , Mains, Interview. Mains exam is the most important round , it’s pattern is similar to Lucknow university semester exams . Theoretical questions are asked ,you only need to have collection of previous year question papers for law subjects. For GS, if you have command over current portion and little bit static portion you will get the success.

What was your overall strategy for UP judicial prelims?

Now preliminary is negative marking exam so don’t attempt when you have no idea…but always take risk when you are confused between 2 options …yes you can mark the question and attempt in last …many times we lose our energy and time on single question .
You can just circle 150 ques in 3 rounds instead of circling all 150 ques in one go….so that u can give rest to your mind while circling and avoid last minute rush.
Don’t be afraid of negative marking you just need to change some of your habits as you should leave the habit of making illogical guesses.

What was your overall strategy for UP judicial mains exam?

The day you make your mind that you have to clear this or any exam Always be ready that you have to give mains. Prepare your own notes. Leave some space to add points and latest rulings.

Solve all ques paper…write your answer get it checked by teacher. you should also wrrite answers for Bihar PCS J and MP PCS J paper and same year exam of other states to widen your mind how any topic can be asked you can say that UP PCS J generally ques are repeated so we don’t need to look to other states exam but I believe that variety of ques improves your thinking skills.

Work hard on all 5 subjects. Because it is competition even though you attempted very well 4 papers there are chances that in that 4 you get less marks than your expectation in any one subject , there your 5th subject can still balnce your total marks. So dont ignore any subject.
While attempting gs ques always write right answer don’t try to fool the examiner if you r clueless about any question I will suggest u not to attempt it…it gives wrong impression.
I used to read ghatna chakra monthly magazine and always highlighted and wrote points on that page…diagram of topic printed on page helped me to retain the news … hence I recommend to depend on 1 magazine so that you can read it thoroughly and most importantly can revise it periodically.
Practice translation as much as you can.
Read Hindi literature or newspaper I used to read ghatna chakra monthly current Hindi edition so it helped me in both ways.
Precis writing – don’t forget to write title if asked .Avoid repeating exact line.
First understand the spirit of paragraph , then make a rough note at the back /rough pages of copy and cross it. Finally write it clearly .Must have legible handwriting.
Constitution is imp for GS , paper 3 as well as for interview. I prepared my notes from jn pandey, A.k .jain and always linked with SC latest judgements.
For constitution case laws are important, landmark as well as current. Any jurists sayings. For other subjects you should have good control on bare acts and can write illustration and legal points from case laws . Case name and year is enough ,need not to write whole citation.
Practice all ques asked in previous years .Read kishori lal book for contract partnership etc.
Solve all ques paper…write your answer get it checked by teacher. you should also Bihar PCS J and MP PCS J paper and same year exam of other states to widen your mind how any topic can be asked you can say that UP PCS J generally ques are repeated so we don’t need to look to other states exam but I believe that variety of ques improves your thinking skills.
You will get very less time for mains so make a thin register where u summarise your every subject in max 10 pages.
You can’t carry all your register if you are going another place away from your home for giving exams keep this in your mind. If one exam is not as per your expectation don’t be disheartened. forget it. Focus on next exam never ever discuss your exam with anyone nor with your parents too just forget it. Focus for next day exam don’t talk about any topic at exam centre .Talk about nature’s beauty or any movie at exam centre.
After paper 2 and 3 you will be tired and lifeless your mind will not work. Just come and go for a sleep if not possible read that thin register . Hence, that thin register should be written only when you have revised iyour notes many times and have written those points on your own.
Between 2 exams never read, it will just ruin your mood and mental peace .

Practice plaint ws or judgment writing .People get confused in jurisdiction part specially ,proper format must be there .
I have not written affidavit in plaint or ws due to lack of time though it is mandatory as per cpc but we can ignore it for competition exam point of view.
For CPC I suggest you to choose the question in which small questions are asked in one question or single question has many parts avoid lengthy question. Question selection also matters but above all choose question answer of which you can write better .Revise practical question from kishori lal Important landmark cases to be recited relevant to the question asked dont quote cases aimlessly or the reason you have learnt it.
You should have 10 points on every question /topic , should have command over bare act may shall notwithstanding nothing proviso explanation etc should be very clear in your mind.

For IPC, illustration are very important .You have to attempt 2 ques… practical question along with theory question are asked. Read important case laws ,kishori lal book.,babel book , illustrations of bare act. Rest ipc is simple and scoring .
For local law- When you are reading rent law imagine you are tenant when reading panchayat act imagine you are villager and urban development think that you are development officer, Have a story in your mind and then insert sections and its work you will get I interest you will retain it for longer. Solved all ques previously asked. Never leave any local law.
Give 1 paper sheet to every local law act…where in one go you can read all question…nd can bifurcate and not get confused between two question it just happens that you load your mind too much that u write answer of one question into another question specially in local law. At last mains exams matters the most be fit mentally and physically practice more and more your answer only the content is not important but your confidence the clear concept comprehension attracts the examiner here i can say do 80%mental revision. And 20%writing revision are your success partners.

How did you prepare for the UP judicial service examination Interview?

I gave my up mains in last January and interview on 25th June. I mean so much of time gap where people usually start taking rest but I was fortunate that I was giving Bihar mains so i was still in flow that time hence I suggest you to don’t rely on 1 state vacancy your hard work gives u fruits in so many ways that u can’t even realize
I read judgement law today magazine, read toppers interview, read law fighter book specially for interview.
Did mirror practice.
Also faced coaching formal interview, they will guide you
Don’t be afraid wear comfortable proper dress. Proper hairstyle don’t rush for your dress get it prepared next day when your mains exam results are out
When they ask in Hindi reply in Hindi language.
Always have an eye contact with all panel members I mean don’t ignore people who are not asking question.
Be humble and listen what they are saying sometimes they are more interested in speaking their opinion rather than listening yours.

Please, share your book list for all the subjects/part (prelims and mains) for the UP judicial exam.

G.S. Statics- lucent
-Ghatna chakra Objective
Current -Ghatna chakra monthly
-study iq monthly 200 question (YouTube)
Newspaper – Indian express
Essay – editorials of indian express + internet
Law -previous year all papers
-live law
-finology legal & legal gravity (YouTube)

Constitution- j.n. pandey , bare act
Contract- Avtar singh + kishori lal
Family law- A.K. Jain, bare act
T.P.A.- G.P. Tripathi, C. Jamnadas Co, , bare cat
Evidence- Avtar singh + , bare act, kishori lal
CPC- Takwani, bare act
CrPC- Bare act + Kelkar
Jurisprudence- A.K. Jain + previous year questions
IPC- S.N. Mishra + Kishori Lal , bare act
Read “judgment law today”

  • For how long did you prepare and how many hours did you put in?
    Since 2017 July onwards till my mains i was preparing only i used to study as long as i used to like it .
    For prelims
    I solved all up PCS J and other states pre questio
  • Make your habit that you should write that point which confused you or you don’t know or you committed mistake while solving the question and revise those points only and never waste time in solving that question paper again you should revise above-mentioned question only.
  • Always focus on your time management many times people filled wrong circles in nervous caused by lack of time.
  • your points (as I told in point 1) will also help your for mains and in less time you can prepare more and will feel confidence when you just have 2-3 days left for preliminary exams

For mains.

1.your original notes.
2.periodical revision.
3.summary of notes.
4.understanding the question
Particular portion asked and entertaining that portion in your introduction is very important otherwise your monotonous starting will bore the examiner and will not even read your question and will give you less marks.

  • Completing your whole exam and attempting all question is mandatory for your success there are exceptions but always think that you are not so fortunate.
  • You will be able to write in mains only when you have written it on white plane paper without copying continuously for 3 hrs at your home.
    7.Do regular exercise or go on walk otherwise you will suffer from spondylosis.
  • Never use pencil on exam copy. Use one pen u will not hav time to change pen.
    9.Divide your time of 3 hrs according to the total no. of ques u have to attempt. Time management is crucial for clearing this stage.

For language
1.always read editorials in newspaper
2.write one essay on every Sunday or at least 2 in months get it checked.

  • avoid grammatical and spelling mistake as far as you can .
  • Don’t do overwriting, Cutting etc.
    5.avoid cliché irrelevant proverbs.
  • you have so much of time in paper 2 that you should first make structure of your essay collect your ideas then should start writing
    7.whenever you are reading any editorial focus on words and keep mind that you have to write on this topic
  • Good start and your opinion are 2 pillars that support your whole essay rest you should have flowing content and one sentence should have nexus with its former and later sentences
  • Read the topic and understand the topic then start writing.
  • Did you take coaching from anywhere for your UP judiciary exam preparation?
    Yes i took a coaching for PCS J but I was not satisfied . It was my hard work and dedication and most important my mentor Vinod sir ‘s guidance because of which I cleared this exam. He guided me and I am very thankful to him that whatever I am today is because of his knowledge and trust he bestowed upon me and with God’s grace he also got selected in HJS in the same year.
  • how was your UP-judiciary Interview and what set of questions were asked?

They asked me Kaha se law kiya…kab kiya…usk baad kya kiya…Rashtrapti ko patra kaise likhengi. (Excellency wala part puchna chah rahe the)Tell me your fav sub… Uspar theoretical and practical ques. Then what is mehar…contract law preamble difference between austin and kelson theory what do u think of savigny theory…then long discussion on collegium system…before asking my opini2 he said don’t try to please me and now present ur opinion…can u tell me any country where constitutionalism prevails…what were your subjects in humanity subjects have you heard about this psychologist at last when you will be judge what you expect from our institute and when you will be judge what will you do first.

  • Anything else you would like to tell our readers who preparing for the UP judicial service examination.
  • I would like to suggest my brothers and sisters
  • When you are preparing for any exam for that your isolate yourself from society t,heir injustices, their loving company .Don’t indulge yourself into any fight any revolution. Stay away from negative person negative thoughts.
    2.get guidance from the person you believe can guide you don’t follow same batch friends or when you have trust you can…
  • Never demotivated by your failure . Keep on testing yourself.
  • Always read novel short movie in time break ,that too must be some knowledgeable content and watch motivational videos.
    5.Be healthy.
    6.Delete your Facebook because after reading when you use social media you just wasted the time for the things you just read to settle in your mind.
    7.Always make notes or simply think what you have read whole day before sleeping.
  • Make time table of topic s not subjects.
  • Before sleeping for 3 min tell your mind continuously that you will clear this exam (power of affirmation).
  • Be aspirant not a student
    Rest you will clear it, have faith in yourself .

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